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Revamp Time!

Dear bloggers,

I did make you wait long enough, so are you ready and running? Because is back and hopping for writers and bloggers! I would resume giving the prompts from the 25nd of  April 2017. Get ready for some awesome writing exercise to come your way!!



An open letter

Dear fellow bloggers,

I had a great time writing and having immense fun with all of you guys, thank- you for your contribution.  But I am having problems with my internet connection, and more importantly managing my time. My finals are round the corner and therefore I am pausing this site till April 2016.

An advanced Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you all, hope you will stay till the reopening. 

In the meantime you may post if you wish, the site will stay as it is, just that there will be no daily prompts. Thank you for your co-operation.


Jishnu Bandyopadhyay

Happy Birthday Jishnu

Still figuring this out. Go here Jishnu for the prompt and birthday wish.


Apology and Day ? Prompt

My internet was broke…couldn’t release prompts for a long time. I am very SORRY!
Here is today’s prompt: Birthday

Because it’s my Birthday!!!

Day 6 – Freedom

I know I am a little late, but I just got a new computer and trying to catch up with everything. May take a while. Below is the link for my entry for Day 6 and Freedom. I wrote a haiku. Love those things. So easy for me to write them. —– Tessa

Introducing Tessa (Teresa Smeigh)

I am a blogger of several years now and have 2 blogs. Ones is my stories and poems and the other is my journal-like blog and my main concern is mental health awareness and advocacy and also the other invisible illnesses. I write about my life now and the past and in no particular order. Most topics are accepted. I am open to all questions and will answer mostly freely.

I am disabled, 59 years old and live in NJ. I was in IT for years and then in a telephone call center when I lost my job suddenly. I am on SSDI now.

My interest in mental health and other invisible illnesses is because I suffer from them myself. I have Bipolar Disorder and other mental health disorders, plus Fibromyalgia and spinal problems.

I hope I did this right.

I’m Lost

I haven’t been around I had business offline but I can’t seem to find the prompts and there doesn’t seem to be any new prompts or if so link me to them?

Hugs! Bekkie

Freedom ( Day 6 by dazzling_twilight_firefly )

Hello guys, I wrote this poem about 2 years back but it’s the biggest inspiration for me in every situation. This poem describes my goals in life and all about what I gotta do at the times of challenges.

But there’s one problem, it’s in Hindi! Sorry! 😉

You may read it at:

Thanks 🙂


I wrote Breaking Free for today’s prompt, Freedom. It’s about a dragon. What can I say? I had dragons on the brain. Do I really need to justify that? I thought not. Enjoy! 🙂

~ Melinda Kucsera of in medias res

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