Hello bloggers! I am Chandni, presently pursuing my bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from a college in Indore, India. Talking about myself, well, I don’t like talking about myself, but yes, I am an introvert, I talk to very limited people, out of which only 2-3 people know the real ME. Damn, this is difficult! Talking about yourself is not that easy!

Umm.. I don’t need a lot of things to please me, little things can make me super happy. Then, talking about emotions, I am the hightest degree of everything. Be it anger, or sadness or irritation or happiness, I am always on the peak!

I got into writing when I was in class 4. I will always be thankful to my English teacher for my writing. One day she wanted all the students to write a poetry for the school magazine. That was the turn point in my life. Until then, I never knew if I could write. Then, gradually my writing style matured, and I came to be known as the Poet of my school!

It was just a few months back that a friend of mine told me about WordPress. So, thanks to you too buddy!
Now I’m loving everything. Life has become easier. So yeah, I think it’s done, ’cause I have nothing else to say right now 😀
Thank You 🙂