So today’s prompt is: Flowers, Metaphor and haiku.

I have used metaphors before they are fun but today for my first offering at our new place to write a haiku about flowers. (BTW Jishnu, haiku is only capitalized when used at the beginning of a sentence and it also the plural version of the Japanese word. Interesting, huh?)

I almost always choose a photo for my poems I’m also an artist and very drawn to art and colors. I don’t know anything about the artwork or I’d tell you it’s public domain.

I’ve been so busy so am trying to catch up! I got another week free to write and Halloween’s almost here! Link: haiku #102415

Now I will start another Day’s prompt and read your takes. I am happy to see you all here! Hugs and kisses!

What about Tags for posts? Do we use the #ME or just not worry about them because we can’t add them? I see comments are closed is that so we leave them on the sites?