Introduction: Capricious Poet (Rebekka Sanchez)

I apologize to Jishnu for the lateness of this since class I’ve had to be offline a lot more but I am trying to find the time to write and drop in. I just started at WordPress the end of August and time has flown!

I’m pleased to be invited to this site after our Writing 201 class because I connected with many of you. This looks like fun!

Here’s a brief history of my blogging experience:

Around 2008 I started my first website blog, Bekkie In Wonderland, took all I knew about blogging and applied it to my website, hence, my first binary blog. You can read my blogging history here from BIW. I’m sure I’m not the only one who started blogging back in the day? I won some awards and it was fun.

Capricious Poet is for my writing only, I don’t have time to do the blogging social thing right now. I do try to keep up with comments and friends of course!

I’m on Google+, please read my About it has more info on my work, etc. Lol! I like to animate images or my art and include my animations with many of my poems.

Here’s the basics:

Please call me Bekkie, I’m 50-something, semi-retired, single and live to write poetry and flash fiction. I look forward to sharing both. I’m disabled and like to ride my bicycle for exercise. I’m looking for company if you’re interested. Hee hee!

My tagline: “From my muse to your eyes.”

I have this as my About on Capricious Poet and it sums me up:

Capricious Poet Inside

There’s a fire under me
that everyone can see
my confidence within
the way they’d like to be.

I’m being very frank
my words fill in the blanks
I’m ready for what comes
with my hard work to thank.

I penned a poem today
with words I’ll always play
the muse in me is strong
I make my own damn way.

© RebekkaSanchez2014

That’s me in a nut-shell. I have met many of you and look forward to making even more friends through words. I love words, word history, rare usages and can’t wait to explore your words. I’ll drop in whenever I can.

I have a few questions: What day are you on now, is it 5? (For my reference starting late) and how does this work? I see we post links here just like class right? Is there anything else I should know or you want to tell me?

Good job on the site Jishnu! Glad to be here.