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Day 6

Today’s prompt: Freedom


Suggestions for future challenges

Hey Jishnu-

Check out the article: Panoramic at it’s best – QuantumBits. It’s about a recent landscape photography competition held by Epson and there’s a gallery of 20 gorgeous photos that beg to be rendered into poems like the image below. Maybe you could use one or all of them in future prompts and credit the source so Quantumbits, a great blog about all things science, gets some exposure. What do you think?

Day 5 ( by dazzling_twilight_firefly )

Hey bloggers, as there was no prompt for today, I just wrote down whatever I felt like 🙂
Have a look at:

Thanks 🙂

Day 5

No prompts today…have fun writing whatever you want!

Flowers, metaphor and haiku (Day 4 by dazzling_twilight_firefly)

I have never written a haiku in my life. This is the first time that I have tried it.This is about phases of life compared to different flowers.

So please do read my poem and give your valuable suggestions for improvement. 🙂

And Thanks to Jishnu, for this Inspiration! 🙂

Day 4 ~|~ only flowers and Metaphor by Jishnu

Hello guys!
Today I wasn’t feeling like writing a haiku so I simply went for flowers and Metaphor…

Check out my new Poetry and please tell me how it is:


Day 4, A Floral Haiku by Melinda Kucsera

Come on over and check out my floral haiku on in medias res.

~ Melinda Kucsera

Day 4:Flowers, Metaphor and haiku by Capricious Poet/Bekkie

So today’s prompt is: Flowers, Metaphor and haiku.

I have used metaphors before they are fun but today for my first offering at our new place to write a haiku about flowers. (BTW Jishnu, haiku is only capitalized when used at the beginning of a sentence and it also the plural version of the Japanese word. Interesting, huh?)

I almost always choose a photo for my poems I’m also an artist and very drawn to art and colors. I don’t know anything about the artwork or I’d tell you it’s public domain.

I’ve been so busy so am trying to catch up! I got another week free to write and Halloween’s almost here! Link: haiku #102415

Now I will start another Day’s prompt and read your takes. I am happy to see you all here! Hugs and kisses!

What about Tags for posts? Do we use the #ME or just not worry about them because we can’t add them? I see comments are closed is that so we leave them on the sites?


Day 4

Hello Awesome people!
It’s Day 4! All of you are participating spontaneously and that is wonderful.
But I have some great news…
From now on, there will be an Author of the Month!!! Isn’t that exciting?

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